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Educational Herb Garden is located in the Pingxi District, new Taipei City, Taiwan. It is a long-shaped hill area around 97.78 hectares which is surrounded by the Nangang Mountain and the Fushi Mountain at its northwestern and southeastern sides respectively. The water systems of the garden belong to the Gan Zhen Lin Stream and the Hui Yao Stream, the upstream branches of Keelung River. Because the weather is humid and rainy, there are abundant water streams in the garden. These water streams flow rapidly and form many fantastic waterfalls, potholes and gorges. Educational Herb Garden opens hiking trails with a total length around 3026 meters, and several nurseries totally around 840 square meters for visit of tourists now.


The plant species in our park cover protophte, Chinese medicinal germplasm and Taiwanese herbal plants for the promotion of Chinese herbal germplasm sustainedly, academic research and education of Chinese herbal medicine. UP to now, there are 114 species in the garden, including Taxus sumatrana, Polygonum multiflorum, Nothapodytes nimmoniana, Angelica acutiloba, Ginkgo biloba, Cinnamomum kanehirai, Cinnamomum insulari-montanum and Cinnamomum kotoense. Also, there are 10 species regenerated in the garden continuously. Furthermore, exchange and cooperation with foreign countries is encouraged. We plan to import oversea germplasm and look forward to sharing the germplasm through the cooperation with related units containing Agricultural Research and Extension Stations in Taiwan for building the strong basement of germplasm conservation.

Parts of Garden


From Taipei city to EHG :
Taking Freeway No. 5, exit at Shihding ramp onto Shihding interchange. Turn right on 106 provincial highway towards Shihding and Pingxi direction When passing through Pingxi train station at 64K, follow the EHG road signs and turn right to North no.43 highway (Blue magpie highway) for 1.9K. Follow the EHG road signs, go to the left side industrial road. Four middle shuttle buses depart from Pingxi Dist. Office stop at there.

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